• Single commercial license (node locked)


    Import STL, OBJ or PTX file formats
    Polygon reduction
    Mesh segmentation
    Manual mesh alignment in space
    Free form Organic modelling
    Symmetry based free form modelling
    Snap to Mesh Technology
    Real-time tolerancing for free form modelling
    Manipulator (gumball) based modelling
    Surface quality analysis
    Wrap Surfacing
    Automatic Surfacing
    Export in IGES or STEP file format
    Primitive best fit extraction  
    Constrained best fit  
    Relations between extracted primitives  
    Quick alignment based on extracted primitive (datum) prioritization  
    2D sketching with toleranced control  
    Revolved and Extruded surfaces  
    History based parametric modelling  
    Circular and Mirror Patterns  
    Trimming and Filleting  
    Draft Angle analysis  
    QSConnect for SOLIDWORKS  


    SKU: QS01
    • Standalone application for 3D Reverse engineering working on Windows 10. The software is delivered electronically. No physical product will be shipped. You will receive a license key for activating the software.

      • Run the installer and follow the instructions. When finished, start the application.
      • To activate it, launch QUICKSURFACE and select "Settings \ Activate Software..." from the main menu
      • Click on 'Copy to Clipboard' button (as seen in the image) and then click Close button to close the dialog.
      • To obtain a license key, create a new message in your e-mail client and right click in the empty message area. Select Paste option from the drop down menu. The serial number appear in the message body. Enter the email address of your authorised QUICKSURFACE reseller and cc us “support[at symbol]mesh2surface.com Enter a message reference and include your name details. Then send your message.
      • When you receive the License key (it may be in a personalised PDF file), copy it and save it for your records. Copy the License Key
      • Launch QUICKSURFACE and select Settings \ Activate... and enter the provided license key into the empty box. Using copy from the PDF and Paste here should prevent any typing errors. Finally click on 'Activate' button
      • Restart the application for the changes to take effect.

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