Peel 3D Handheld 3D Scanner

Affordable 3d scanning for everyone

Peel 3D. Affordable Handheld 3D scanner

Peel 3d is professional-grade handheld 3D scanning ideal to 3d scan a wide range of parts. It has no useless gadgets to make it seem more interesting or appealing. It simply lets you make high-quality 3D scans of medium-size or large objects while keeping your project on a budget. Peel 3D is able to 3D can scan most items directly without any type preparation (antiglare 3D scanning spray) as it recognizes the shape of objects automatically. Trying to scan something very smooth? No problem! Peel 3D can also use stick-on photogrammetric markers to let you scan the flattest surfaces such as car bonnets, bumpers, car dorrsa and much more. For more information about this 3d scanning systems take a look at Peel 3D costs £ 4,900 + Vat only

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Con sede a Londra, la nostra azienda offre una gamma di servizi professionali di misura 3D e vendita di sistemi di scansione non a contatto per ogni tipo di applicazione industriale


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