Flexscan3D scanning software

3D scanning software that powers the HDI 3D systems

Powerful 3D Scanning Engine

Flexscan3D for Windows 10

FlexScan3D software acts as the control center for the HDI 3D scanners. Each HDI system comes with the software to capture 3D measurements and create digital 3D models ready for use.

Capture 3D scans in seconds

Take digital 3D scan quickly and accurately. Capture 3D scans from all angles of an object to create a full digital 3D model in the next step.

Built-in processing capabilities

Save time by processing 3D scanner data right at the capturing stage with built-in data editing, alignment, and merging capabilities.

Exports to different formats

The final output can be exported in different file formats depending on your needs. The scanner exports to PLY, OBJ, STL, ASC, FBX.

FlexScan3D for Windows X64

  • Capture Hi-Res 3D scans (bw/color)

  • Clean-up scan data using advanced post-processing features

  • Merge 3D scans into a watertight digital 3D model (Stl, Obj, etc.)

1 scan in under 1 second = ~ 1,000,000 data points

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